Rustls making ring optional (
from to on 15 Sep 2023 19:48 +0000

If you are using Rust for web or considering doing so, you might be excited to hear that rustls merged a PR to make ring an optional dependency. Soon(-ish) you will be able to choose which cryptography backend to use with rustls, including one written fully in Rust. That would help with making your projects easier to build. Big thank you to rustls team, including Joe Birr-Pixton, @djc, and @cpu!

#rust on 16 Sep 2023 07:59 +0000

Cool. Ring has come up as a bit of an annoyance for us, because its license is relatively complex and as a result, not declared in the crate metadata. We’ve almost even considered replacing rustls with the openssl-crate, just to sidestep that whole issue.