Mannheim (DE) Meetup on July 16 (
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It’s less than two weeks until our next Rust and NixOS meetup in Mannheim, Germany. We’re meeting on the 16th of July at the Mafinex technology center close to the main station. If you want to join us, please sign up for the event on Mobilizon (no account required) or…/9d740b89-7713-4e19-a112-45af……/301504325/

As first talk, we will hear Andre Dossinger on “Using NixOS for Pragmatical Self-hosting”, where he will show us how NixOS can be used in a problem oriented manner to preserve privacy and make complex setups manageable. Questions and discussions are highly encouraged!

Then, we will hear Benjamin Sparks on “Reading from Streams and Writing to Sinks” using Rust and Tokio, with a focus on low runtime overhead, safe buffer management, and robust error handling. He will show us the types and traits Tokio leverages to efficiently decode bytes and encode structured data in a type-safe manner is presented, and give us a practical demonstration of codecs for two different protocols.

Finally, Stefan Machmeier of the EMCL at Heidelberg University will give us an introduction to Nix Flakes, the experimental dependency management system built into Nix since version 2.4 that can be used for reusable Nix libraries as well as your own Nix packages and NixOS configurations.

The talks will be recorded and uploaded after the meetup.


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As I was made aware of today, there were issues with email delivery on the Mobilizon instance. This has been fixed today. Also, anonymous sign up for the event is now activated on Mobilizon. If this was an issue for anyone here, please sign up again for the event on Mobilizon.