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If they could rewrite Godot in Rust, it would be awesome. But Bevy is the next best thing, I guess. But it not having a UI is indeed a gigantic wall. Only somebody who wrote games before, willing to learn rust, or a masochist would choose bevy as their first game engine without knowing rust. on 04 Oct 2023 22:33 +0000

Have you not checked the upcoming gdext of godot-rust or do you believe it’s the lack of ECS for Godot? If it’s the former one, check Godex. Someone is making a Godot fork that uses ECS. And if it’s the lack of rust + lack of ECS, there’s also godot_ecs, which is a marriage betwern Godot and Bevy. on 04 Oct 2023 19:28 +0000

Does anyone have a favorite commercial game know to be developed using Bevy? Available on steam, Google Play, etc.

I know Bevy has a web site of indexing games from hackathons and what not, but I was more interested in seeing any commercially published titles. on 05 Oct 2023 09:23 +0000

There’s not a whole lot yet as Bevy is still early in development, but there are a few projects outlined in the Bevy 2nd and 3rd birthday blog posts, altough most of them are still in development. The only game already released on Steam that I could find is Molecoole on 05 Oct 2023 15:34 +0000

It looks like another project outlined in the Bevy blogs that is also listed in steam (planned for release 2024) is Tiny Glade: