Fish rewrite-it-in Rust progress: 100% (
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plan for the now completed port of fish to rust


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They replaced all CPP code from the shell. But the rewrite isn’t complete yet. on 18 Jan 2024 15:22 collapse

Looks like the only thing left is the rest runner, and it’s probably not happening anytime soon since it’s a ton of syscalls and Rust doesn’t really add any advantages there imo. on 19 Jan 2024 06:52 collapse

The impression that I got is that while there is nothing more to port in the shell itself, the performance and concurrency goals haven’t been fully realized yet. The new Rust code needs a bit more tuning before it can replace the old shell. on 16 Jan 2024 19:03 collapse

fish was a great shell when I tried it, but it’s unfortunate that so much is written in bash. The most interesting shell by far was xonsh though a python powered shell

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Honestly this looks like a perfect way to make both python and bash more complex in a single move on 19 Jan 2024 06:56 collapse

Fish’s main attraction was never its scripting language - it was its UI. You can run bash scripts from fish (using bash of course), while still enjoying its bit more modern UI. Bash was never a challenge to fish. Nushell, on the other hand, is a different case.