Activitypub-Federation 0.5.0 released (
from to on 02 Jan 2024 11:00

This library is responsible for federation in Lemmy, and can also be used by other Rust projects.

#rust on 02 Jan 2024 17:18 collapse

Is more work being done for better ActivityPub Federation between Lemmy and Mastodon-like services? on 03 Jan 2024 10:05 collapse

The library is actually fully compatible with Mastodon. All the compatibilities are in Lemmy and in Mastodon. The problem is that Mastodon doesnt have any real documentation for the federation messages they send. So its necessary to test things manually and reverse engineer it which I dont have time for. Plus there are some compatibility issues which could easily be fixed on the Mastodon side, but they seem to have zero interest to do that. on 03 Jan 2024 14:45 next collapse

Are there any plans to make mastodon integrate better with lemmy ? on 05 Jan 2024 05:23 collapse

He never responds… on 05 Jan 2024 15:01 collapse

Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s because he’s overloaded with messages, but if the lemmy community becomes large or loud enough not to ignore, then something might change. on 05 Jan 2024 20:37 collapse

I can only hope. They have already a PR done but not merged that would solve this issue since 2021 IIRC on 08 Jan 2024 09:32 collapse

That would be a place to upvote and ask progress on. Do you have a link? on 05 Jan 2024 05:24 collapse

So I am interested in starting a last.FM fediverse thing. Could I use this lib.? on 05 Jan 2024 10:01 collapse