Azorius (software) - azorius
10/01 tedu

Just whatever you put in the title.

10/01 cptn@azori..

Does azorius have a danger zone for outgoing posts?

09/14 peter@dedd..

Really? I'll have to look at that. I never knew what the chatter area was for haha

09/10 horia@azor..

I like how azorius' chat shows up in honk's chatter 👍

09/09 gonzalo@a...


09/09 peter@dedd..

Ahhh, much better now.

09/09 peter@dedd..

Ah true. I haven't updated for over a week

09/08 tedu

Your views directory appears to be out of date. Missing groupchat.html and style.css changes from

09/08 peter@dedd..

Hrmm, for me it's not showing date for our messages that were over a week ago.

09/08 qbit

whoa, neat :D

09/08 tedu

It shows the time for chats less than 24 hours, the date otherwise.

09/08 peter@dedd..

Suggestion: Put the date as well as the time for each message.

09/08 peter@dedd..

Cool. My version just got stable and am loving it so far.

09/08 tedu

Previews are now in preview. 🚀

08/26 tedu

Not perfect, but improved.

08/26 peter@dedd..

Yea, there may be some spacing issues on browser too. Not a big deal but like, the spacing between messages is huge and the spacing between input text field and the chat button is zero

08/25 tedu

Oh man, just looked on my phone. Some styling changes may be needed.

08/25 peter@dedd..

Neat. Working chat!

08/24 tedu

Maybe a release next week if I don't introduce too many more bugs.

08/11 teduWorking to make federation a bit more robust, then release soon.
08/08 teduMade a few quick enhancements to addressing, so comments should be sent to the person you're replying to.
08/05 teduThe dark mode color scheme is now active, too.