Ivanti CEO pledges to “fundamentally transform” its hard-hit security model (arstechnica.com)
from tedu to cloudsec on 05 Apr 2024 20:10

Ivanti, the remote-access company whose remote-access products have been battered by severe exploits in recent months, has pledged a "new era," one that "fundamentally transforms the Ivanti security operating model" backed by "a significant investment" and full board support.


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tedu on 05 Apr 2024 20:14 collapse

Sounds a lot like the security development lifecycle blather from Microsoft 20 years ago, and what's that gotten them?

More blather: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/security/blog/2024/03/07/evolving-microsoft-security-development-lifecycle-sdl-how-continuous-sdl-can-help-you-build-more-secure-software/