WinRAR flaw lets hackers run programs when you open RAR archives (
from tedu to on 19 Aug 2023 05:30 +0000

The flaw is tracked as CVE-2023-40477 and could give remote attackers arbitrary code execution on the target system after a specially crafted RAR file is opened.

RARLAB released WinRAR version 6.23 on August 2nd, 2023, effectively addressing CVE-2023-40477.

#cybersecurity on 19 Aug 2023 06:35 +0000

People still use WinRAR? Does it offer anything more than 7-zip? on 19 Aug 2023 07:31 +0000 next

For people compressing things a lot, winrar is much more productive than 7z. I can easily set up default profile in winrar (best compression quality + delete files after archiving) but can’t do this with 7z on 19 Aug 2023 08:37 +0000

tar with pigz for compressiom is a lifesaver for large archives. on 19 Aug 2023 09:07 +0000

Yes, many people in an office environment. Just habit like the Total Commander :|

Back in the time, it offered much better compression ratio than popular (Win)Zip. And it has SFX feature.