The Cell language - relational, reactive, replayable (
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An interesting feature and explanation: Why relations are better than objects

Cell is a very high-level embeddable language designed to implement some fairly general classes of software systems (described below) that are difficult to implement using conventional languages. For those specific types of software Cell allows the developer to work at a much higher level of abstraction, and automatically provides a number of major functionalities whose implementation in conventional languages either requires a lot of tedious, low-level and error prone coding or is not feasible at all in practice.


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I really really like this idea. I hope work on this continues, though it seems to have slowed recently. on 08 Mar 2024 14:21 collapse

I can’t find any code samples. Just paragraphs of description. I’m sure it’s lovely but I can’t evaluate without code samples. on 08 Mar 2024 15:18 collapse

A more complex example, the compiler itself is written in Cell:

The getting started page has download links for the code generators (C++, Java, and C#) and setup instructions.