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This is the current Lemmy equivalent of

The content and rules are the same here as they are over there. Taken directly from the /r/ProgrammingLanguages overview:

This community is dedicated to the theory, design and implementation of programming languages.

Be nice to each other. Flame wars and rants are not welcomed. Please also put some effort into your post.

This isn’t the right place to ask questions such as “What language should I use for X”, “what language should I learn”, and “what’s your favorite language”. Such questions should be posted in /c/learn_programming or /c/programming.

This is the right place for posts like the following:

  • “Check out this new language I’ve been working on!”
  • “Here’s a blog post on how I implemented static type checking into this compiler”
  • “I want to write a compiler, where do I start?”
  • “How does the Java compiler work? How does it handle forward declarations/imports/targeting multiple platforms/<other tricky feature>?”
  • “How should I test my compiler? How are other compilers and interpreters like gcc, Java, and python tested?”
  • “What are the pros/cons of <language feature>?”
  • “Compare and contrast <language feature> vs. <other feature>”
  • “Confused about the semantics of this language”
  • “Proceedings from PLDI / OOPSLA / ICFP / <other large programming conference>”

See /r/ProgrammingLanguages for specific examples

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