January 2024 monthly "What are you working on?" thread
from armchair_progamer@programming.dev to programming_languages@programming.dev on 02 Jan 2024 19:29

How much progress have you made since last time? What new ideas have you stumbled upon, what old ideas have you abandoned? What new projects have you started? What are you working on?

Once again, feel free to share anything you’ve been working on, old or new, simple or complex, tiny or huge, whether you want to share and discuss it, or simply brag about it - or just about anything you feel like sharing!

The monthly thread is the place for you to engage /c/programming_languages on things that you might not have wanted to put up a post for - progress, ideas, maybe even a slick new chair you built in your garage. Share your projects and thoughts on others’ ideas, and most importantly, have a great and productive month!

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wesker@lemmy.sdf.org on 02 Jan 2024 20:21 next collapse

I picked back up work on my python MUD framework, after a 2 month hiatus.

popcar2@programming.dev on 02 Jan 2024 21:02 next collapse

I’m almost finished with my project to create a fake operating system interface in the Godot game engine: mastodon.gamedev.place/…/111687770509176140

I can’t wait to finally put it out there for people to use, but part of me is also thinking I can’t wait until I can finally move on with my life and work on other projects lol.

irdc@derp.foo on 02 Jan 2024 23:29 next collapse

I’m working on a PDP-11 emulator. I’ve got the basic instruction set implemented and have an implementation of ODT (the PDP-11’s microcode monitor) with disassembler. I’ve found a test set and an implementation of BASIC for the PDP-11, and everything executes successfully. Next step is getting the MMU up and running.

pwshguy@programming.dev on 03 Jan 2024 00:07 next collapse

I installed some security cameras around my house and set up Shinobi using an old PC. Unfortunately the PC is too old to use the built-in detectors in Shinobi. So, I took my first dive into playing around with some image detectors.

I wrote some python to download the daily recording from old PC to a newer one with a 3080 GPU. Then checks the videos for people. It will then trim the videos to only include times were there are people in frame. It cut my the storage requirements by over 95%.

Reptorian@programming.dev on 03 Jan 2024 03:08 next collapse

It’s a bit of a pain to finish, but I’m basically working on creating an array of numbers to assist in sorting unicode characters, and I’m making string processing commands for the G’MIC scripting language. So, that means by hand, I have to sort hundreds of thousands of characters, and I sorted tens of thousands of them already. I already did string_permutations and you can find string_permutations at index or find index which that permutation can be found. However those commands needs the array of numbers for an additional sorting option I’ll do.

ananas@sopuli.xyz on 16 Jan 2024 06:31 collapse

A lot of cleanup and refactoring and redesign to enable easier lsp support. Finally finishing the core components of the language (getting branches to work) for the VM. Then I guess it’s time to start plugging LLVM back in and start writing a transpiler from my IR to LLVM IR.

…also should update the language blog, it’s been a while.