February 2024 monthly "What are you working on?" thread
from armchair_progamer@programming.dev to programming_languages@programming.dev on 02 Feb 00:00

How much progress have you made since last time? What new ideas have you stumbled upon, what old ideas have you abandoned? What new projects have you started? What are you working on?

Once again, feel free to share anything you’ve been working on, old or new, simple or complex, tiny or huge, whether you want to share and discuss it, or simply brag about it - or just about anything you feel like sharing!

The monthly thread is the place for you to engage /c/programming_languages on things that you might not have wanted to put up a post for - progress, ideas, maybe even a slick new chair you built in your garage. Share your projects and thoughts on others’ ideas, and most importantly, have a great and productive month!

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MadhuGururajan@programming.dev on 02 Feb 07:19 collapse

I would like to do cool projects but my procrastination gets the better of me. Work’s not satisfying so I am at the precipice of wanting to do stuff but lacking time to invest.

That said: I am going to develop a home website for myself.