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Lady Deirdre is a framework for incremental programming language compilers, interpreters, and source code analyzers.

This framework helps you develop a hybrid program that acts as a language compiler or interpreter and as a language server for a code editor’s language extension. It offers the necessary components to create an in-memory representation of language files, including the source code, their lexis and syntax, and the semantic model of the entire codebase. These components are specifically designed to keep the in-memory representation in sync with file changes as the codebase continuously evolves in real time.

Key Features

  • Parser Generator Using Macros.
  • Hand-Written Parsers.
  • Error Resilience.
  • Semantics Analysis Framework.
  • Incremental Compilation.
  • Parallel Computations.
  • Web-Assembly Compatibility.
  • Source Code Formatters.
  • Annotated Snippets.
  • Self-Sufficient API.


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Well, the bad news is that its license bites. The good news is that PLT Redex exists and has a much better license along with better formal tooling and presentation.