Forsp: A Forth+Lisp Hybrid Lambda Calculus Language (
from to on 11 Jun 04:17

Forsp has:

  • An S-Expression syntax like Lisp
  • Function abstraction like Lisp
  • Function application like Forth
  • An environment structure like Lisp
  • Lexically-scoped closures like Lisp (Scheme)
  • Cons-cells / lists / atoms like Lisp
  • A value/operand stack like Forth
  • An ability to express the Lambda Calculus
  • A Call-By-Push-Value evaluation order
  • Only 3 syntax special forms: ’ ^ $
  • Only 1 eval-time special form: quote
  • Only 10 primitive functions need to self-implement
  • Ability to self-implement in very little code

It’s evaluator is very simple. I suspect simpler than a McCarthy Lisp eval() function, but I haven’t defined a “simplicity function”, so you can be the judge.

In contrast to Lisp, apply() is trivial in Forsp, and instead we have a core function called compute()



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