Help me find my new "MIDI Assembly" a new name!
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It has some weird solutions due to my limited experience with the subject and the target usage favor preallocation instead of live allocation. I took some inspirations from Music Macro Language, Assembly, and Lua. Due to the lack of a MIDI 2.0 format, I thought I’d come up with my own, adding capabilities to program adaptive soundtracks (emitting MIDI commands with calculated values, conditional emitting of MIDI commands, conditional looping and pattern playback, etc).

I initially gave it the name .m2 but while M.2 is an entirely different thing, an MML format by the name .m2 does exist on the PC98, thus I’m looking for some new name for mine. The only thing I can come up on the spot is MASM (or MIDI Assembly), but it’s close to an already existing MASM (Microsoft Macro Assembler).


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Compiled MIDI, cmid

MIDI bytecode / Musical Bytecode, .MBC

MIDI Replay, .rmid

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Another point I wanted to make after thinking about this.

Take extra care not to include executable code in your file format if you wanna see adoption.

That was a lesson learned the hard way for the AI models.