Why python while Julia is so much better?
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thesporkeffect@lemmy.world on 18 Jun 2024 15:32 next collapse

I already know Python, for one

ericjmorey@programming.dev on 19 Jun 2024 02:30 collapse

This is the biggest factor.

Also Julia’s ecosystem is in infancy in comparison.

RobotToaster@mander.xyz on 18 Jun 2024 16:44 next collapse

Not as many libraries and other tools for it.

TootSweet@lemmy.world on 18 Jun 2024 18:20 next collapse

Somebody woke up and chose violence.

refalo@programming.dev on 18 Jun 2024 20:26 next collapse

Why python while $subjectively_better_thing is so much better?

wargreymon@sh.itjust.works on 19 Jun 2024 06:08 collapse

bc dynamic typing is for nubz LOL

KindaABigDyl@programming.dev on 18 Jun 2024 20:58 next collapse

Why use Julia when Rust is so much better?

wargreymon@sh.itjust.works on 19 Jun 2024 06:12 collapse

Rust code is lot more verbose and much harder to learn bc ownership 🤷

KindaABigDyl@programming.dev on 19 Jun 2024 18:57 collapse


wer2@lemm.ee on 18 Jun 2024 21:53 next collapse

Better question: Why Fortan and not Julia?

TonyTonyChopper@mander.xyz on 19 Jun 2024 20:32 collapse

runs better on punch cards

benjhm@sopuli.xyz on 18 Jun 2024 23:22 next collapse

I’m happy with Scala3 - whose syntax is easy to read like python, but compiler and tooling now smart, fast and safe, and also compiles to JS for the web.

ericjmorey@programming.dev on 19 Jun 2024 02:33 next collapse

In what ways do you see Julia as better?

Better for what?

wargreymon@sh.itjust.works on 19 Jun 2024 04:32 collapse

every aspect

ericjmorey@programming.dev on 20 Jun 2024 02:04 collapse

Your reply is a lazy and uninformative answer that I’m inclined not to take seriously.

Corbin@programming.dev on 19 Jun 2024 22:11 collapse