Evolving the Game: A clientless streaming tool for reMarkable 2 (blog.owulveryck.info)
from tedu to tech on 20 Aug 2023 14:17

In 2021, I developed a tool to stream the content of my reMarkable. (and I also blogged about it here). Given that I was predominantly working from home, this tool was very useful, allowing me to sketch elements during conference calls.

Being the product manager of my own tools offered a unique perspective. One piece of feedback I provided from my experience as a user was the slightly cumbersome nature of the tool’s on-the-fly activation. The challenge arose from the necessity of a local service. During video calls, this meant some preparatory steps to initiate the local service, adding an additional layer of complexity to the process.

Recognizing this pain point, my goal became clear: eliminate the need for the local service. This article delves into the revamped implementation of the streaming tool, which now boasts a more user-friendly design and improved performances.


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