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stsp on 29 Aug 2023 19:57 collapse

I tagged this with preservation because most of the articles on this blog date from many years ago when they used to be part of CollabNet's blog back in the day, written by several active SVN developers while employed there.

At this point CollabNet no longer exists as such. It has been merged into a new parent company. All of the people who once worked on SVN for CollabNet have long left the company.

Some months ago I had to refer to one such article again to refresh my memory of something mergeinfo-related and reached out to the people who wrote these articles, asking if we could preserve copies on the SVN project's web site, in case they would be taken down by what used to be CollabNet. I then stepped back and watched ensuing discussions among various folks including the ASF legal team to decide whether this content could be hosted without any legal issues. Eventually it was determined that we could host it there.

If you ever get mad at SVN merging things the wrong way you will probably learn a thing or two by reading some of these articles; the ones written by Paul Burba in particular.

Obviously, don't worry about anything written there becoming obsolete. SVN is not being changed much these days so there is no reason to expect the rug to be pulled out from under you after reading these.