Support ActivityPub for Gitlab merge requests (
from stsp to versioncontrol on 29 Aug 2023 18:18

The goal of those documents is to provide an implementation path for adding fediverse capabilities to Gitlab.

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stsp on 29 Aug 2023 18:29 collapse

There are some interesting challenges in here for the long term.

Federation between different implementations of forges sounds great.

If a well-known forge like Gitlab adopts this then others might follow suit, including perhaps even Github. However, given how much ActivityPub leaves up to the implementation I wonder if seamless interop between forges from different vendors will ever be more than a dream even if everyone adds ActivityPub?
It's going to be hard enough just getting this working among all the Git-based forges. There are and will be forges based on other version control systems which may or may not interoperate all that well with Git.

Moderation is another concern. I don't mind randos or honkers jumping into casual conversations I have on Mastodon. But issue trackers and code review tools require a huge amount of (self-)moderation to work effectively. The idea of plumbing Mastodon into my development tools in this way scares me a bit. It's cool if Mastodon can follow public discussion of bugs as they happen in the issue tracker but would developers really want casual social media conversations merged in there?

tedu on 29 Aug 2023 18:36 collapse

I've been thinking about this, too, and didn't even consider what it would mean for issues and changes to be in the larger social graph. github already has the problem where a link is posted to reddit/hn and gets brigaded with drive by comments. It would be much worse if they had something like twitter integration, where people didn't even need github accounts.