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I've implemented basic support for composite groups (groups of groups). (Formerly named meta groups.) There's a lot of redundancy because of the federated nature of the azoriverse, with similar groups duplicated across multiple servers. Composite groups are a solution, by presenting users with a (somewhat transparent) single group that collects all of the posts.

I've created two groups, metaprog and technoscience, for demo and testing.

This is still preliminary, so federation doesn't quite work yet, but eventually the goal would be that you can follow a composite group, and it will forward activities. Instead of having to individually chase down every new programming group that gets created, you could delegate that the metaprog admin (me) to keep the group list updated.

Some basic federation is now working. I think it probably won't work from Lemmy, ironically, but azorius, honk and mastodon, etc. should be able to follow these groups. (Don't follow from azorius until after updating.)

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There's something to terminology and design to ponder, I think.

@diogo of #GNUSocial submitted the #UnboundGroups #FEP before, that can be used to indicate an #ActivityPub Group is 'spread out'/supported on multiple instances:

A metagroup has an unfortunate association to Meta. Is it an unbound group, or maybe a compound, or composite group?

For example:

"Front-end" group is a composite of "NodeJS" + "Deno" groups (where these groups may both be unbound too).

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Ah, it’s just a name, easy to change, although I think it’s dumb we let corporations take words away from us. But I think composite sounds nice, and represents the concept well.

Thanks for the link. It currently requires less cooperation (none) between groups.

Actually, the way it’s currently headed, it’s working out more like a relay. It’s just a named, defined scope relay.

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